Social network expand to searching


New trend is emerging…. As social networking keeps getting hotter, a few major Internet players are looking to direct some of the upcoming action. A group of Internet heavyweights, including Facebook, and Comcast on Thursday set up a $250 million fund to invest in social networking start-ups.

KPCB partner Bing Gordon said, “… Today every business, organization, and entrepreneur should have a social strategy.”

Reports have been circulating the Internet for a few months that Google developing a own social network that would compete with Facebook. And Facebook, the most popular social network, has been making some moves to better position itself to take on a frontal assault from the world’s biggest Internet company.

Earlier this month, for instance, Facebook furthered its partnership with Google rival Microsoft to making searching with the latter’s Bing search engine more social. Providing help to start-ups that one day will support the facebook platform will further help the company in its battle with the search giant.




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